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State of the art

PET-CT is the latest method of diagnostic imaging, which we have been using since the beginning of 2015.

PET-CT is a new diagnostic method for what is currently the most accurate imaging for certain forms of cancer and their metastases. For our institutes in Graz and Vienna, we purchased two PET-CT scanners – in Vienna, we work in cooperation with the diagnostic centres Urania and Favoriten.

Positron emission tomography (abbreviated PET) is a nuclear medical diagnostic method that makes the metabolic processes of body cells visible through the use of radioactive tracers. This examination method is combined with the well-established computed tomography (abbreviated CT), which examines body regions layer by layer and uses this to create cross-sectional images. In a PET-CT examination, both examinations are carried out at the same time, from which the software creates an image fusion, with which not only the cancer itself can be mapped, but also its activity. The examination is therefore also suitable for reviewing the effect of an applied treatment.

If you would like to find out more about PET-CT, we'd be happy to advise you!