Before using a diagnostic imaging method, there is usually a clear indication in a doctor's referral, a treatment-relevant, generally valid examination protocol dependent on the indication, or a diagnosis. We have compiled a comprehensive catalogue of indications, which contributes to the targeted and efficient use of our relevant diagnostic method.


Description Primary Secondary Tertiary
screening Sonography CT
characterisation of focal liver lesions in a healthy liver CT MRT
characterisation of focal liver lesions in a previously damaged liver (cirrhosis) MRT CT
staging of focal liver lesions CT MRT
detection of focal liver lesions < 1 cm MRT CT
liver abscess CT MRT
traumatic liver lesions CT MRT
Gall bladder, bile ducts
cholecystitis Sonography
cholecystolithiasis Sonography
cholangitis MRCP CT ERCP
choledocholithiasis MRCP Sonography ERCP
gall bladder tumours MRT/MRCP CT
bile duct tumours (Klatskin tumour) CT or MRCP/MRT ERCP
bile duct anomalies MRCP ERCP
pancreatic tumours
"classic" pancreas head cancer
endocrine-active tumours
pancreatitis CT
pancreatic trauma CT
pancreatic anomalies CT MRT & MRCP
detection and characterisation of small renal tumours CT MRT
renal cyst classification CT MRT
staging – renal cell carcinoma CT MRT
abscess-forming renal parenchymal diseases CT (dual – energy) MRT
nephrourolithiasis CT (dual – energy) CT urography MR urography
renal artery stenosis, fibromuscular dysplasia MR angiography CT angiography
polycystic renal degeneration MRT CT
Wilms' tumour MRT CT
microhaematuria (> 3 months) CT urography (DS-DE) MR urography
adrenal gland
detection of adrenal tumours CT MRT
characterisation of adrenal tumours CT MRT
retroperitoneal space
lymphoma search/staging CT MRT PET-CT
retroperitoneal tumours CT MRT PET-CT
retroperitoneal fibrosis CT MRT PET-CT
gastrointestinal tract
inflammatory abdominal processes (e.g.: appendicitis, diverticulitis, small intestine abscesses, etc.) CT MRT
Crohn's disease and other diseases of the small intestine MR enterography CT enterography
oesophageal cancer staging CT MRT PET-CT
colorectal cancer staging CT MRT
occult gastrointestinal haemorrhages CT angiography MR angiography
colorectal cancer screening Colonoscopy Virtual CT colonoscopy
perianal fistula
rectal cancer:
preoperative staging, follow-up
recidive tumour versus scar MRT CT
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