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Private Access

With Private Access, you'll receive your diagnostic result immediately. We'd like to present our new private surgery to you!

Since the beginning of 2015, we have offered you the opportunity of also using our services privately at Diagnostikum Graz and Diagnosezentrum Meidling: Private Access is the name of our new private surgery, which is situated directly on the premises of our institute in Graz and Vienna. Of course, the latest technology and experienced qualified staff are also available for you here.

In addition, we offer you…

- immediate appointment scheduling
- no long waiting times
- individual discussions of results
- the fastest possible diagnostic results
- personal reception and support

At Private Access, the whole range of services of Diagnostikum Graz and Diagnosezentrum Meidling is available to you. This includes: magnetic resonance tomography, computed tomography, nuclear medicine, pain therapy and PET-CT, the latest and most accurate tumour diagnostic method.

Since these are private services, no reimbursement by the health insurance funds is possible.

You can find more information here: